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The Tracker

Lightweight and durable, the Leticx One GPS Tracker is designed with performance in mind, producing accurate statistics that bring you greater insight into your performance.


Data Points Per Second


Hours of data storage


Hours of battery life


performance metrics

Building Leticx One

By testing with the Scotland Sevens team during their HSBC World Sevens Series victories in Paris and London, we optimised Leticx One to produce pin point statistics at an affordable price for teams at all levels of sport.

Global positioning system

High Precision GNSS module and antenna for player tracking at 10Hz (supporting GPS, GLONASS, Galileo)


On tracker storage has sufficient capacity to log up to 20 hours of game and training data.

Battery Life

Leticx uses high quality, branded batteries with a capacity of up to 10 hours and a strong focus on player safety.


Measure and record player accelerations with sampling rates up to 400Hz (default at 100Hz).


Measure and record player movement and changes in body posture with sampling rates up to 400Hz (default at 100Hz).


Support the accuracy of the GPS data and record directional changes of players with sampling rates up to 100Hz (default 10Hz).

Looking for more technical information?

Following is the Leticx One hardware user guide aand performance setting.
A simple process suitable for all athletes and sports teams.

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