Rugby Video Analysis: Tackle Technique

In our first rugby video analysis article, we’ll be taking a closer look at tackle technique.

Whether you’re interested in rugby coaching or you’re a player interested in improving your skills, tackling is a crucial part of every rugby team’s performance.

Managing your team’s defensive line is built upon trust and effectiveness in the tackle area, preventing the opposition from scoring and producing turnover ball.

Here are the main points to focus on:

Close Down The Space

The first point to focus on is getting close to the attacker and limiting their space to manoeuvre. By reducing the space between your body and the attacker, you’re reducing their ability to avoid your contact and get beyond the gain line.

Body Positions

Once you’ve reduced that space, the next step is to split the body line of the attacker by placing your leading foot down the centre of his body. That puts you in a strong position to drive through the initial impact and also makes it very difficult for the attacker to shift the point of impact and gain metres.

Leg Drive

After the initial hit, and with good foot position, you can focus on driving your legs through the tackle and driving the attacker backwards. With a good point of impact position, you will automatically have the opportunity to drive through with your legs, making your tackle active and aggressive instead of weak and passive.

Fault Correcting

As a coach and a player, it is crucial to recognise and address any errors that occur in practicing this technique. Players should always want to improve their technique and if errors aren’t recognised, bad habits will develop.

Video analysis is a crucial tool when analysing personal performance as it allows players to watch and assess their own technique. Players can then comment on and discuss their performance, empowering them in the educational process.

Check out the video at the top where ex-Wasps defence coach, Brad Davis, goes into greater detail on pre-tackle technique and provides a good defence drill for coaches to bring into training.

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