Rugby Video Analysis: Scrum-Half Passing

In our second rugby video analysis article, we’ll be focusing on scrum-half passing technique from the ruck.

Whether your focus is on rugby coaching or you’re a scrum-half looking to improve your skills, passing from the ruck is a crucial part of your personal performance and your rugby team’s performance.

Delivering quick and accurate ball is crucial for your team’s game management as it provides momentum in attack and stability in defensive exits. This all starts with strong passing technique.

Here are the main focus points:

Foot Position

Get your trailing foot as close to the ball as you can. This will give you a solid base as you look to generate power through the pass.

passing scrum half rugby

Body Positions

Get your hips, shoulders and leading leg in line with your target. Get low to the ball and hover over your trailing leg. This will put you in a strong position to generate power.

Weight Transfer

As you move your body into the pass, push off your back leg and follow through towards your target. This generates power through your body and into the pass, creating speed and accuracy.

Follow Through

As you follow through, point your hands towards your target. This will help ensure that your pass is accurate

scrum half passing rugby video analysis

Be sure to film yourself practicing your passing technique, as seen in the video at the top.

Video analysis is a crucial tool when analysing personal performance as it allows you to visualise and assess your technique.

Coaches and players can then discuss and comment on certain strengths and weaknesses, empowering players in the learning process.

Check out the video at the top, where Aaron Smith goes into more detail and analyses his own process when passing from the ruck.


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