Global Rugby Network has a new face: 

All Sports Brand Leticx

That’s right! Our facelift has allowed us to provide our rugby specific systems and services to other sports starting with football and hockey. For you, this means nothing more than a logo change!

Next time you go to GRN, you’ll be redirected to log into our platform. From that point forward, you will have to use the Leticx website. We are sure this will have a positive effect for those in the rugby community who will naturally have multisports abilities, which will be further added by Leticx’s support!

letix merge global rugby network

This LETICX rebrand is not only about opening to other sports, but also us wanting to bring our wearable GPS trackers Leticx One closer to our GRN community: Track your players’ progress with performance metrics. If you’re interested, reply to this email and we’ll send you the information you need to get the ball rolling.

Remember! You can create your football or hockey teams and invite your teammates to your Leticx platform. Start expanding the LETICX community with us.

GRN User: Log into Leticx with your username and password, business as usual.

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