Rugby Video Analysis: Goal Kicking Technique

In our third rugby video analysis article, we’ll be focusing on goal kicking passing technique.

Whether your focus is on rugby coaching or you’re a player interested building your skills-set, goal kicking is a crucial part of your personal performance and your rugby team’s performance.

Keeping the scoreboard ticking over is vital to your team’s game management and in winning on the day. That starts with strong goal kicking technique.

Here are the main focus points:

The Sweet Spot

The sweet spot on a rugby ball is about one third of the way up the ball, so ensure that you are making contact with the ball in this area.

The Kicking Tee

Most modern kickers now use a kicking tee that places the ball in a forward leaning position. This opens up the sweet spot and allows more room for error.

Additionally, it is important to find the correct height on your tee as placing the ball too high will result in hooking your kick.

The Preparation

Focus on a small point in the distance that aligns directly through the middle of the posts and imagine a line leading from the ball to that point.

This will help visualize the alignment of your body as move through the impact zone as well as helping the accuracy of your kick.

The Run Up

A good run up should begin around 4 metres to the ball or less, but you should focus on what is comfortable for you.

Beginning at a 45 degree angle from the ball ensures that your body will be in a good position to follow through the ball on impact.

As you approach impact, your non-kicking foot should be around 3 foot lengths from the ball. Again, it is important to feel comfortable here, though any further away may risk a poor strike.

When considering what part of your foot should be making contact with the ball, the strongest area is along the line of your big toe, about halfway along your foot.

Point your ankle down to give yourself the best surface area to strike the ball and avoid injury.

Keep your head down as you strike through the ball as this will prevent your body from leaning back, causing your kick to slice and reducing the chance of a clean strike.


The Follow Through

As you follow through, focus on running through towards the target as this will help you improve your weight transfer through the ball and improve your accuracy. Trace the line of your leg to the point you visualised in preparation to improve accuracy.

Be sure to film yourself kicking, as seen in the video at the top.

Video analysis is a crucial tool when analysing personal performance as it allows you to visualise and assess your technique.

Coaches and players can then discuss and comment on certain strengths and weaknesses, empowering players in the learning process.

Check out the video at the top, where James RFC goes into more detail and analyses the techniques of Owen Farrell, Beauden Barrett and George Ford. The video might give you a few ideas for good kicking drills too.

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